FilterMaster DPF cleans filters for ship from Palma de Mallorca

Kipp Umwelttechnik successfully cleaned the filter for a ship moored in the port of Palma de Mallorca in September 2017. For years, there have been repeated discussions in the media about particulate filters for ships, and cruise ships in particular have been criticized time and again. But river shipping and yachts are also repeatedly criticized. Despite the now very advanced filter technology and extensive options for filtering harmful components from ship exhaust gases, only a few ships have a particle filter. Ships often emit much more harmful exhaust gases into the environment than cars or trucks.

The customer of Kipp Umwelttechnik GmbH’s FilterMaster DPF department acts responsibly for people and the environment and uses marine filters accordingly. The company that uses the filter transports ships, boats and yachts worldwide, by land and by sea. The customer also offers the storage and repair of ships. Through its partner EHC Teknik, FilterMaster DPF was finally commissioned to clean the ship’s filter in September. The filter from the manufacturer DeAngelo Marine had a diameter of 40 cm with a filter depth of 70 cm and weighed around 57 kg. As can be seen in the before and after comparison picture with a view of the ceramic, there were clear sulphur deposits on this filter before cleaning.

Particle filter for ship before and after cleaning by FilterMaster DPF by Kipp Umwelttechnik GmbH

Ship filter cleaned from motor yacht – information about the ship

The cleaned particulate filter comes from a motor yacht called Ari, which flies the flag of the Cayman Islands, a group of islands in the Caribbean. The ship is currently anchored in the port of Palma de Mallorca. With a length of 46.7 m (equivalent to about half of a soccer pitch) and a width of 8.55 m, the yacht has a draught of approx. 3.2 m. It reaches a top speed of up to 14.9 knots, which corresponds to around 27.6 km/h.

The customer was so satisfied with the first cleaning that he immediately ordered the cleaning of a second, identical filter from EHC Teknik and thus FilterMaster DPF. The second cleaning was also successful. The filter was cleaned and ready for collection within a day.

Successful collaboration for more than a year – FilterMaster DPF and EHC Teknik

EHC Teknik, a Swedish company with a branch in Siegen, is a manufacturer of particulate filters, but also offers cleaning of clogged DPFs. EHC Teknik originally worked exclusively for Volvo in Sweden. Gradually, customers in Italy and Germany were added. The largest sales market for EHC Teknik is now Germany. In addition to new particulate filters, EHC Teknik also offers the cleaning of all types of particulate filters. FilterMaster DPF has been taking on some of EHC Teknik’s cleaning jobs for more than a year in order to be able to guarantee service even in difficult cases or when cleaning volumes are particularly high. In addition to marine filters, FilterMaster DPF has already cleaned numerous filters from cars, vans, trucks and forklift trucks for EHC Teknik.

Nils Held, EHC Teknik, technical support:

“We are very satisfied with our collaboration with FilterMaster DPF. They have already cleaned a large number of filters in a wide variety of vehicles for us using their process. From cars to forklift trucks and trucks to ship filters. The cleaning results have always been good and the service excellent. We look forward to continuing to work with the FilterMaster DPF team.”

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