myChem probiotic cleaner BRG 2700s

A microbiologically active preparation for natural odor control. The microbes used create a probiotic environment after application. Organic deposits are also broken down microbiologically in inaccessible areas. This means that odors, among other things, are permanently eliminated and not simply masked with aromas.

Probiotic treatment

MyBio BR 2700s is based on the millennia-old technology of lactic acid fermentation. The treated surfaces are cleaned and stabilized by a synergetic combination of lactic acid and autotrophic bacterial strains.

  • The cleaner’s natural microbiome displaces pathogenic germs from the treated surfaces by depriving them of their nutritional basis and through the spatial demand of the microbiome itself.
  • A hydrophobic bacterial film forms, which makes resoiling more difficult. Renewed contamination is immediately metabolized by the microorganisms. This makes the probiotic cleaner highly effective against odors, house dust and mold, as it removes the material causes.

Side effects for the environment and humans


  • There are no known harmful effects for the environment or humans. The microorganisms used have no allergic potential, as they have always been part of the human microbiome.
  • Unlike conventional cleaners, the cleaner does not release any harmful emissions. Their use and especially that of disinfectant preparations is increasingly viewed critically due to these emissions. The Federal Environment Agency has recently issued a recommendation on this, advising the use of natural cleaners such as vinegar-based cleaners.
  • All other additives used in this cleanser are fully biodegradable and are also used in natural cosmetics.

Technical information - myChem BRG 2700s

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