industrial cleaning

Chemical Industry

Application examples in Chemical Industry

Kipp Umwelttechnik GmbH carries out all cleaning manually or semi-automatically with cleaning systems from its sister company mycon GmbH. If desired, all data relevant for later automation can be recorded simultaneously.

Application examples for the use of the PowerMaster, TubeMaster and JetMaster systems of mycon GmbH in the chemical industry. Here, before / after the cleaning of finned tube heat exchangers.


Examples of the automated JetMaster system – cleaning of heat exchangers

Automation examples of the JetMaster – Cleaning of heavily contaminated finned tubes

Example of the JetMaster system – cleaning of heat exchangers

Application examples

Mixing reactor before cleaning

Mixing reactor after cleaning

Cleaning of glue layers using PowerMaster

Cleaning of an agitator cutter

Heat exchanger of graphite tubes

Front view of the graphite heat exchanger before cleaning

Graphite tube before cleaning

Graphite tube after cleaning

Cleaning of a tube bundle heat exchanger (graphite tubes) using TubeMaster

Polishing of the inner tube surfaces with special granules unsing TubeMaster

Cleaning an exhaust gas incineration plant in the production of PVC

Tube heat exchanger after cleaning using TubeMaster

Cleaning of plate heat exchangers

Plate heat exchangers before cleaning

Plate heat exchangers after cleaning

Plate heat exchanger before cleaning

Plate heat exchanger after cleaning using PowerMaster

Cleaning of cooling towers

The pipes in the cooling tower were temporarily supplied with lime-containing water. As a result, a hard limestone armour had developed around the pipes.

The JetMaster combination system successfully cleaned the outer pipe surfaces.

The zinc coating – which had been destroyed by chemical cleaning – is not attacked by JetMaster.

Exterior view of a cooling tower with removed lime deposits

Removed lime during cooling tower cleaning with the JetMaster combination system

Cooling tower pipes after cleaning

The entire JetMaster combination system (incl. JetPower) is used for cleaning surfaces with limescale residues. More information about the JetMaster combination system can be found on the JetMaster product page of mycon GmbH.