industrial cleaning

Foundry Industry

Kipp Umwelttechnik cleans core boxes, moulds, moulds of all kinds and heat transfer systems in the foundry industry. IceMaster is the modern process for industrial cleaning with dry ice.











Cleaning of a steel core box using IceMaster

Application examples

Finned tube heat exchanger before cleaning with JetMaster

Finned tube heat exchanger after cleaning with JetMaster

Cleaning / paint removal / stripping surfaces

Cleaning moulds, core boxes and coquilles

Cleaning with CO2 / dry snow or compressed air / blasting agents


IceMaster cleans thoroughly and gently.
Kipp Umwelttechnik GmbH uses the high-performance systems of the company mycon GmbH for gentle and thorough industrial cleaning.


Dry snow, produced from liquid CO2 directly inside the blasting pistol, is fed into a compressed air stream and blasted at high speed onto the respective surface.


This technique is inexpensive and allows gentle cleaning.

Cleaning plastic core boxes

Core box before and after cleaning

Cleaning welded joints on aluminium parts

Cleaning welded joints on aluminium parts

Cleaning moulds (PV)

Pretreatment of parts before coating

Cleaning of a coquille

Cleaning a core box with PowerMaster. Video of our sister company mycon GmbH.

The video of our sister company mycon GmbH shows the cleaning of various surfaces using the PowerMaster-system.

Cleaning heat exchangers with JetMaster. Video of our sister company mycon GmbH.