11. July 2019

Kipp Umwelttechnik GmbH represents the ecological responsibility in dealing with hazardous substances

Filter cleaning with the internationally patented FilterMaster DPF system reliably avoids pollutant emissions



Picture 1: Diesel particulate filter of a locomotive before and after cleaning


The “FilterMaster DPF” procedure was developed in cooperation with the University of Paderborn as part of a project funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics also called as ZIM program. Particular attention was paid to the avoidance of pollutant emissions.

Exhaust gas treatment reliably prevents the release of pollutants collected in the filter

The process exhaust gases of the FilterMaster DPF process are led through an exhaust gas treatment system and freed from pollutants and particles. This separates heavy metals and aromatic compounds in particular and ensures that they are disposed properly. This high effort is necessary because impurities from fuel and lubricants have accumulated in the particle filter during operation. These are mobilized during cleaning and must be reliably separated.


Gas scrubber enables effective separation of gases and particles

While alternative processes assume thermal decomposition of the pollutants during cleaning and in some cases the exhaust air is not filtered at all, Kipp Umwelttechnik GmbH does not make any compromises here. A modular gas scrubber with downstream droplet separator reliably prevents harmful emissions from the filter cleaning process from dropping into the environment. Regular analyses of the scrubbing liquid confirm a considerable amount of heavy metals that would otherwise have been released into the environment.

Picture 2: The gas scrubber for cleaning the exhaust air from the drying oven


Despite this cost-intensive cleaning of exhaust air, Kipp Umwelttechnik GmbH offers its customers an attractive cleaning price for particle filters. For passenger cars and transporters it amounts to inclusive value added tax and all transport costs (delivery service) as well as documentation 278,00 euro.


FilterMaster DPF cleaning machines can be provided on site for operators of larger fleets in all vehicle areas. The cleaning machines are produced by our sister company mycon GmbH, which also takes over the maintenance and, on request, the provision of operating materials.


Further application possibilities of the FilterMaster DPF process

In addition to cleaning truck and car filters, the FilterMaster DPF cleaning process also offers filter cleaning options for agricultural vehicles, forklifts, ships, locomotives, buses, stationary engines, gas engines and combined heat and power plants. The filters that will be used for gasoline engines in the future can also be cleaned with FilterMaster DPF. We would be pleased to discuss the cleaning possibilities with you and prepare an individual offer according to your requirements.


Images: Kipp Umwelttechnik GmbH